Privacy Policy

  1. Confidentiality and privacy of information:
    The privacy in the “the social pup” store is one of the most things that we give it our attention and we consider it is one of the fundamental role that we care about it, also we respect and protect the privacy of all user in “the social pup” store, so we will not disclose any information to any third party without obtaining prior permission from you.
  2. Cookies:
    In the first visit to “the social pup” store , we sends link file to your computer “cookie” , It is identified you as a user distinct from the other,so as to order of the following purposes:

    • Storage of personal information recorded by yourself for you to be presented to you upon request.
    • To identify you when you return to the “the social pup” shop.
    • To help “the social pup” store in determining the content that suits you and present it to you.

    “the social pup” Shop would not reveal the cookies to any third party unless required that legal action, such as a search warrant, subpoena, legitimate law, or a court order.

    When you use your browser for the first time, you’ll find that in most cases the setup options to accept cookies.

    And you can change it in your browser and make him reject all cookies or to alert you when you send a link profile.

    But knowing that some service in “the social pup” shop well may not work if your browser refuse cookies.

  3. The quality of the information collected about you:

    In “the social pup” shop we do not collect any private information about you (such as your name, email address, etc.) except when you are on your own and with the knowledge you provide us with this information.

    The information recorded by the “the social pup” store and saves the information such as the time you are browsing its browser type and language and address of the IP (IP) for yourself, this information is used to verify our records and to provide better services to users shop “the social pup”, for example, may use IP (IP address of the) to show you your letter to your country’s products.
  4. Credit Card Information:
    “the social pup” shop does not maintain never any information to credit cards customers, where subject to a special encryption to be shared directly with the bank and broker payment through an official statement by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, without any ability to “aleef” store the absolute access to this information.

    The links to “the social pup” shop or emerging from it to other sites under the supervision of third parties, are not considered certified by “the social pup” shop nor any of its subsidiaries or affiliates or any third party sources or any of its contents.

    And “the social pup” shop have the right , with all the reservations, to correct any error or delete any part of this Agreement.

  5. Consent and changes in the privacy policy:
    The browsing, and using the services “the social pup” shop that mean you agree to collect and use information about you as described in this policy and in the use agreement.

    .Sometime “the social pup” store has need to make changes in the privacy policy or agreement to use from time to time.

    When we do we will put those changes on this page or page-use agreement so that you are always aware of the information we collect and how we use them in any kind of circumstances we disclose it.